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Story about our company

This business was really started more than 35 years
back by an Army Veteran Major OP Bhogra and then his
two sons later joined him. Ever since they’ve tried to
build up on the business. The core team comprises 7
experts but actually the team spans over 20 counting
in close associates that work as one team. And visit ally
hundreds of other real estate professionals who help us
handle deals shoulder to shoulder. Our support team handles
everything fully so that Ashutosh can focus on creating
and executing deals

Our goal:

Provide the best service to customers

who we are

Experts in window & door service since 1996

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About ashutosh

Read How Ashutosh Bhogra’s one Decision Changed Everything for Him

His life was well organised, but not every time fate allows you to continue on the same path, destiny has its own plan for us.Working as a Software Engineer was the initial plan of Ashutosh Bhogra but that took a detour to something different. He pursued software engineering and had planned to work in the same field. His father, though, expected him to join his family business and prosper the family business further. But, this didn’t convince him to the extent of leaving all the plans he had for himself. While settling into his new job and working the night shift, he sought to reflect and realised that this was not the life he had imagined for himself and realised that he could do better. Moving away from engineering to join his family business of real estate life offered a lot of things and since then he has never looked back. Sometimes there’s no hindsight regret about your decision and you realise you hit the right one. Long days, sleepless nights, making mistakes and learning from them became a recurring theme in his life. The real estate business was founded more than 35 years ago by Army veteran, Major OP Bhogra and later joined by his two sons, exemplifies all of the hard work that has gone into it. The core team consists of 7 experts, but the actual count includes more than a 25 very close associates and hard-core real estate professionals. They consist of closely held associates working with a single motive as one team. There is a big helping hand for Ashutosh from his support team, letting him explore and focus on executing deals. The team is of professionals who are ready 24/7 to assist customers and help them. Ashutosh has been involved in a number of roles, from being a tenant to a landlord, buyer, seller, and renovator, and has also been involved in construction prospects as a partner. His convention of him being in the real estate business just got him to where he is. His jar of experience just got filled more and more with each passing day. Moving forward, one has to ensure that you keep the permanent customers for a long time and keep adding more to them. This was exactly his strategy to expand his client base and grow more in this field. Clients share their experience, let us have a look on what they have to say about Ashutosh and his work,

Praveen Aggarwal from Delhi says,

“They are there for you at the time of any holdup. I am fully satisfied with their services.”

Satinder Chawla says,

“Ashutosh is a pleasure to work with. A very professional real estate company. Highly recommend it.”

Ashutosh’s laser-like focus on business propelled it to its pinnacle. He focused on keeping his mistakes to a bare minimum to attract more clients, as he knew 100% of the business came from referrals from his existing client base. His inquisitive mindset has led him to explore more areas apart from real estate.He’s also shared his interest in reading and, more specifically, self-help books. He’s also socially active by doing charity by contributing towards NGOs that conduct life improvement courses. One of the thoughts that he firmly clings to is “teaching how to fish” rather than “just giving a fish to eat”. Apart from work, his personal interests fall into gymming, long walks, hiking, and traveling.

His stubborn love would always be for real estate, as mentioned by him. He’s been working to become a veteran of this field since the year 2004, specialising in luxury residential real estate throughout South Delhi. Statistics of sales made by him with his team and associates stand at around a thousand properties in real estate spanning Delhi, Gurgaon, Goa, and Himachal Pradesh, averaging over 50 transactions per year and making to the Top 1% of South Delhi realtors for the past many years. As of date he has worked with hundreds of clients and has gained invaluable knowledge and vividly spanning contacts and expertise in all these years. Also gives major credit for his success to his team, who helped him throughout. Besides expertise and perfection in work, he’s also received learning which he wouldn’t have received had it not been for the real estate business. Explore more, and eventually you’ll end up with the things that your interest lies in.

Our team

Our professional team

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